AutoComplete – Tip

While this is not really a Civil 3D-specific command, it is one that is found in AutoCAD 2012. Some people may hate the new functionality that now shows an auto-complete box  every time you start typing something on the keyboard from a command line.

Here is what it looks like out of the box. This is with Dynamic Input Turned off.

And this is with Dynamic Input turned on.

You can totally turn that functionality off by either typing AUTOCOMPLETE OFF. Or you can right-click on the auto-complete dialog and unchecking Selection List.

Now the auto-complete is turned off, or not visible any more.

Just a few pointers about this new functionality though that you MIGHT like:

  • There is an option to Auto-Append.  This will allow the command to filled in. This might be especially useful if you are looking for the tool to turn off the geo marker. By typing in GEOM with auto-append on, it will fill out the rest of the command (GEOMARKERVISIBILITY).
  • The Suggestion List turns the flyout list on or off as was demonstrated earlier.
  • Display Icons turns the little icons to the left of the command on or off. In my opinion, if you want the suggestion list turned on, turn OFF the icons as its just a little more graphics overhead.
  • Display System Variables is very handy to have turned on. It will display any system variables along with commands in the suggestion list.
  • Delay time will set the time before the box appears. The default is 0.30 seconds. You *could* set it for longer if you wanted to zip along doing whatever and then for those commands that are longer to type in, it will start displaying the suggestion box.

So, there you have it. This tip is just for your edification on this new functionality.


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