Calculate Volume from 2 Profiles

Someone on the discussion group asked about how they can get a volume between 2 Profiles. In their case, they have dirt and rock and need to figure out the amount of rock that needs to be removed.

Here is my answer. There may be others, but this is what popped into my head first:

Here is a profile showing an Existing and Proposed surface. For this case, will say the existing (red line) is the dirt and the proposed (blue line) is the rock.

Go back to your plan and sample the alignment from which the profile was derived:

  1. From the Home tab and Profile & Section Views panel, select Sample Lines. The Create Sample Line Group dialog box opens.
  2. In the Create Sample Line Group dialog, select the two surfaces and then click OK.
  3. In the Sample Line Tools and Sample Line Creation Methods drop-down, select By Range of Stations.
  4. In the Create Sample Lines dialog, change the Sampling Increments to whatever you want to sample. In my case, I’m going to sample every 2′ for Tangents/Curves/Spirals. Click OK.

Now we need to assign materials for those two surfaces.

  1. In the Analyze tab and Volumes and Tables panel, select Compute Materials. In the Select a Sample Line Group, make sure your alignment and Sample Line Group is selected, then press OK.
  2. The Compute Materials dialog box opens. To keep it simple, I’m going to click the for the EG and Datum to EG and FG respectively. Click OK.

We’re almost there! Now lets create a table showing the cumulative volumes.

  1. Still in the Analyze tab and Volume and Materials panel, select Total Volume Table. Select the criteria you want to display, place the tables on your drawing and – done.

You can see on the table that it maintains a running cumulative cut/fill volume tally. So to see the whole result, look at the last section.

In reality, you did not have to sample that close, but it shows what’s happening so you can better analyze what’s going on.

If you have a better way to approach this, please comment so I (and others) can learn.


2 responses to “Calculate Volume from 2 Profiles

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  2. Another alternative is to create a volume surface and a polyline from the alignments and use that with the Bounded Volume option.

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