Civil 3D 2012 – Level of Detail

One of the real nice things with Civil 3D 2012 is the addition of a level of detail tool. How many times have you had a huge surface and made the fatal mistake of trying to perform an object view? Either it crashed on you, or you wait… and wait… and wait.

The Level of Detail Tool Found on the View tab and views panel will help with that.

This surface is set with contours of 1′ and 5′ intervals.

It consists of the following data:

  • 11,275,000 sq. feet
  • elevation ranges from 547 to 842
  • 393,664 points
  • 785,127 triangles

So it is kind of large.

Clicking on the Level of Detail tool will bring up this dialog box. you can permanently disable that by clicking in the check box.

After some recalculating and regeneration, the surface now looks like this:

Wait! did it get rid of those contours? Nope, it just minimized the number of contours when you are zoomed out.

When you zoom in, you can see that your contours show up.

And when you perform an Object View, you will now see that you can move and rotate the surface – with ease!

Thumbs up – Autodesk!


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