Civil 3D 2012 New Pipe options – a perspective

For many years, people have complained about Civil 3D and the way they draw/calculate  pipes and structures; that they go from center of structure to center of structure.

Their opinions have been valid. I have heard such things as:

  • Slopes CAN be incorrect if you are calculating the actual length of pipe (subtracting 4 feet from the pipe length). And if one is trying to hold a minimum slope, the actual will vary from the engineered calculations.
  • Pipes only go to the inside of the structure anyways.
  • And other issues.

Enter Civil 3D 2012 and it new capability to set the pipe based on:

  • Center (as it has been before)
  • Inside wall of structure
  • Outside wall of structure

Does this now change the game for pipes and how they will be used? It will quell the engineers who fought so long for true pipe slopes. It may help with the quantity takeoffs, but we all know that they buy pipe in set lengths and cut them in the field (at least they do for the small 8″ PVC pipes).

How will one differentiate on their plans that they are now using lengths from inside instead of center?

Does this muddy the waters? Is the new pipe options a “Godsend” or a curse now that we will have it once Civil 3D 2012 is released?

Let me hear your comments.


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